The 28th edition of the International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR) took place from September 6th to 8th, 2023, in Valencia.

ICBR 2023 is the international platform that annually reviews the challenges facing the global battery recycling industry. It has been held for 28 consecutive years, during which the ICBR Congress has brought together the international community of experts and decision-makers from the entire battery recycling value chain, including recycling companies, battery manufacturers, collection organizations, original equipment manufacturers, policymakers, material and service providers, and many more. ICBR aims to promote dialogue among industry experts and stakeholders with a strong commitment to drive a more sustainable future throughout the battery value chain.

The electrification of transportation is undoubtedly one of the main challenges our economy faces if it intends to achieve its decarbonization goals. The role of waste management companies is crucial to ensure that the lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries and electric mobility batteries complies with current European directives. Therefore, ICBR 2023 becomes the epicenter where innovative solutions are developed, and best practices are shared to address the challenges posed by battery recycling.

Among other ongoing initiatives, Indumetal is participating in the BATRAW project, led by the Leitat Technological Center and funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe program, which aims to sustainably manage lithium-ion batteries, including those from electric vehicles, and their waste.